Kids leaving Youth Group by the thousand

Youth Groups should never be about games, pizza parties,

gross games (the newest craze is making peanut butter sandwiches from the youth "pastors" armpit and eating it...) Some of the other things that a lot of youth groups are too gross, that thankfully, some parents have had lawsuits on these "leaders" because they have scared their child mentally and spiritually. 

Youth Groups were created so that a mature Christian man can lead the youth in a deep Bible study - to learn and grow in spiritual maturity and to learn to do evangelism. Anything that leads to dopey games, music videos, parodies of the latest form of media is watering down the Gospel Message and the usage of a group.  They should be trained to be mature men and women of God Biblically, and not having "movie night" and eating junk food. 

Below is a video of Pastor Paul David Washer who was invited to a "youth group event." The people there that invited Pastor Washer did not know that after he sat through their rock concert and heard what they were talking about, he rebuked them Theologically and taught them the mature, correct way(s) to be a Christian and not a "christian." 

To get a great resource to show your church Pastor, purchase "Drunk in the Spirit" and "Judge Not!" They expose these ridiculous fads that "churches" do to lead false converts in to be "twice the sons of hell." (Matthew 23:13)

"Silly Youth Groups" 

-Ray Comfort / Phil Johnson

"Youth Group Madness"

"Disgusting Youth Group Activities." 

Peanut Butter "ministries"

"Dopey youth programs do not help our children." 

Disgusting youth programs and the Senior Pastors who agree with them...

Paul Washer tells teenage males top stop acting like boys, but men. 

What Youth Groups SHOULD Be Like - Pastor Todd F. Friel
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Should churches have Youth led services? - Todd Flavian Friel
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Late Night Comedian Exposes Youth Groups - Nick Thune / Todd Friel
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False "churches" confusing kids and people -
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This is not a church, nor how a Youth Group should operate. 

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