In a nutshell. When people started to blaspheme God by making a "way" to Heaven by building the Tower of Babel, the people disobeyed God when He told them to spread out and live in other lands, not to gather in one spot. God than broke the tower and the people were divided into groups speaking in different (tongues) languages such as Chinese, Japanese, English, German, French, etc. 
In Acts, at that time when the Disciples were in the Upper Room, it was at the time when there was their older (version) of a Meeting of Nation Leaders (Like the United Nations). The Holy Spirit gave the Disciples the gifts to than speak to the Nations leaders about the Gospel of Jesus in Chinese, Japanese, French, etc. That was so the Word of God can be spread to the Nations. The gift of interpenetrating tongues is like speaking to a Translator if you're visiting a foreign country. Speaking rambling gibberish is not Biblical, but more demonic when you're making up your own language and forcing others to believe it's "Theological" when it's just the opposite. 

Speaking In Tongues-

Richard Appleton

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