R.W. Glenn (aka 'pastor' Smarty Pants) 

The problem with R.W. Glenn is a couple of things. He's very mysterious about his background. Glenn doesn't want anyone knowing his real name, his wife, his life or anything for that matter. Todd Friel dubbed him, "'pastor' Smarty Pants' and Glenn use to be featured on some WRETCHED (WretchedRadio.com) ministry projects. 
Glenn left his "pastoral" title when he was caught cheating on his wife... this one year after he and Todd Friel did, "Drive-By Theology." 
Since GLENN loves to delete his life and facts (and yet, God exposed him in adultery while leading a church) click here for a longer detailed report on "Smarty Pants." 
RW Glenn - Todd Friel clip - Drive By Theology
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"RW Glenn" working with WRETCHED before he was Exposed by Ashley Madison as a false preacher. 

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