Phil John Exposed

THIS is the face of the man to take over when Dr. MacArthur dies?? 

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Phil does a great job covering up his tracks. It's a shame that his co-workers such as Dr. John MacArthur and Todd Friel have no idea that Phil is a wolf in sheeps clothing. 

He's extremely judgmental, sarcastic and rips apart Believers that he doesn't even know. 

It's come to my attention from over 13 true Christians that I know of personally, have had the same exact experiences. 

Behind many people's backs, if it's on Social media or email, Phil clearly does NOT know all the scriptures as he BOASTS about. 

Phil hides behind social media, his ipad, sunglasses and coffee mug photos and a cozy studio to expose EASY targets like TBN, Joyce Meyer and Ken Copeland.

Everyone from Grace To You, Wretched, Living Waters / Way of the Master, who are true Christian ministries, will back up Phil to the hip, but mark my words... myself and others who are TRUE BELIEVERS and DO suppose those ministries, know Phil... and his love of blocking Christians and being brutally sarcastic and judgmental to Believers is ridiculous and he needs to be called out of ministry and his roles. It's sad that real hardworking Pastors make enough to get by on their bills but Phil racks in $200,000 yearly but treats Believers who want help, prayer, support, and he'll verbally kick them to the ground. WE REBUKE YOU, PHIL JOHNSON! 

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