Some "christians" think that it's "okay" to STILL dress their kids up and get candy. It's STILL participating in the holiday, and they need to know the pagan reasons WHY people did dress up. It did NOT start as a "christian" holiday, it started off BEFORE that as a pagan holiday. The documentary below will go into full detail. The BEST thing Christians SHOULD do is what Ray Comfort ( suggests. STAY home, and simply hand out Gospel tracts. If a parent allows a child to participate in it, they'll want to do it over and over, getting more sucked into the holiday and totally ignore anything Christian, and gladly accept worldly costumes, traditions, etc. Would Jesus walk with kids going door to door to trick or treat? NO! It's like walking out of a church service and hearing of Jesus' Death and Resurrection than to only go outside and do an "easter egg hunt." ("Oh, it's harmless..." No, no it's not.... You're either HOT or COLD, if your decision is lukewarm, than so is your walk. 

The History of Reformation Day was AFTER the Pagan traditions of Halloween - Halloween was still NOT a "christian holiday first." 

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Wiccians on the Rise Tony Verkinnes and Todd Friel
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Should you date someone who likes Hallow Tony Verkinnes and Todd Friel
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